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What’s Wrong with Education?

What’s Wrong with Education? Our kids are failing because we teachers and parents are failing our kids. Or so we are told. Over and over, nearly each and every day. • It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing the bad news about the state of education. • It’s easy to feel anxious as others highlight the faults of any and every approach:
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7 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Question & Response Skills With Kids

7 Ways To Instantly Your Improve Question & Response Skills With Kids: Valuable hints and tips to put into action today, whether you teach in a classroom or at home. Avoid turning questions into traps. When questioning kids, It can be sooo tempting to seek and reward the one “right” answer. But don’t. Instead, remember that every answer, on the mark or not, lets you gain
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The One Question That Changed Children’s Television Forever

Did you know that the beloved TV show, Sesame Street, was first conceived way back in 1966? That’s when Lloyd Morrisett, Jr., a Carnegie Corporation executive responsible for funding educational research, attended a dinner party along with his friend, Joan Ganz Cooney, a producer at New York City’s public TV station. During that dinner, Lloyd posed a question to Joan: “Do you think television
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