All About Learning with Puppets

What is Learning with Puppets?

Learning with Puppets is an education resource that provides parents and teachers of children ages 4-8 a collection of short, charming puppet videos plus a complete library of fun companion resources designed to help children acquire English Language Arts skills and concepts including reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Who should subscribe to Learning with Puppets?

Learning with Puppets is perfect for anyone who cares for children ages 4-8 including:

√ Teachers

√ Homeschooling Parents

√ Unschooling Parents

√ Substitute Teachers

√ Student Teachers

√ Tutors

√ After School Program Directors

√ Workshop Leaders

√ Parents

√ Grandparents

How can Learning with Puppets help my children have an easier time learning in school and at home?

Learning with puppets is a teaching tool with the motivation and management built right in. The puppet characters embody characteristics and concerns common to most children. In addition, the puppets are shown interacting within thematic situations and scenarios that invite young minds to consider, wonder and question. Children love paying attention to the videos—and to any message the puppets want to deliver. And, because all of the activities and printable follow-up pages are keyed to the puppet videos, kids are eager to complete them.

What do I get with my Learning with Puppets subscription?

When you subscribe to Learning with Puppets you get all this stuff:

♦ Our Collection of 10 FREE “Dear Mousie Mouse” Videos + The Complete Collection of Scripts & Printables to Accompany the Videos (Not for Sale Anywhere)

♦ 10 Feature Puppet Videos (Running Time 3-6+ minutes each)

♦ 20 Mini Puppet Videos (Running Time 2-4+ minutes each)

♦ The Learning with Puppets Easy Quick Start Guide

♦ The Learning with Puppets Video Viewing Guide

♦ The Learning with Puppets Amazing Alphabet Activity Book

♦ 10 Individual Printable Activity Books to Accompany the 10 Feature Videos

♦ The Book of Fun & Fabulous Printable Activities to Accompany the 20 Mini Videos

♦ The Learning with Puppets Treasury of 10 Readers’ Theater Books.

♦ The Learning with Puppets Official Script Book

♦ The Complete Checklist of Themes, Skills & Concepts Keyed to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

♦ PLUS Free e-mail support!

How do I receive my Learning with Puppets materials?

As a Learning with Puppets subscriber, you can look forward to receiving 10 separate  Installments of Learning with Puppets fun.  Each Installment comes complete with 3 brand new videos (one Feature Video plus Two Mini Videos), plus the companion printable and interactive materials that enhance the learning fun presented in those videos.

Every other week for 20 weeks, a link to your next exciting Learning with Puppets materials will be automatically delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.

Can I try before I buy?

Of course you can! Just agree to receive your 10 FREE “Dear Mousie Mouse” Videos + Script & Activity Book and you’ll automatically receive a FREE Trial Subscription to Learning with Puppets. Do nothing and after 7 days we will bill you for the first installment of Learning with Puppets. but remember—we want you to be happy, so if Learning with Puppets is not for you and your kids, simply cancel within 21 days and we will refund your money in full. All the videos and materials you have received up to then become yours to keep with our thanks.

How much does Learning with Puppets cost?

Each installment of Learning with Puppets cost $19.97. And, unlike other online educational resource sites that block your access to resources once you stop paying, the materials you receive from Learning with Puppets are yours to keep and use again and again forever and ever.

What if I decide to opt out?

If you opt out within the first 21 days of joining Learning with Puppets, you can receive a full refund. After that, you will be charged for materials received. If, after opting out, you decide at a later date to rejoin, you will have to begin at the beginning with the first installment.

Because we don’t want you paying again for materials you already own, we urge you to stay with us from the start.

What support do I receive along the way?

In addition to offering ongoing support through Our Learning with Puppets blog, and our Learning with Puppet Facebook page, I can be reached for questions and comments through my e-mail address: Also, stay tuned for other ways Learning with Puppets will be reaching out to make certain your puppet experience with kids is the best ever!