Installment One

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Mary Beth Spann Mank, Founder and Creator,
Learning with Puppets


• The Learning with Puppets Quick Start Guide
This easy guide helps you put the Learning with Puppets materials to work fast so you can be up and running in no time! (Right Click Image and Save As)



• Feature Video Episode #1: Beany’s Action Verb Game
(Running Time: 4:54) Beany wants her friends, Mousie and James, to play her action verb game. Mousie is onboard with it, but James, who is tired from skateboarding, has other ideas.

Beany’s Action Verb Game

• Book of 21+ Printable Activities to Accompany Feature Video #1: Beany’s Action Verb Game 
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• Mini Video Episode #1: The 100th Day
(Running Time: 3:11) Mousie Mouse is busy marching toward the 100th Day of School. Will Horsey Horse join in?


• Mini Video Episode #2: School Days
(Running Time: 3:22) Beany Bichon tells how she enjoys many different parts of the school day, but Horsey Horse has a different idea of what makes school fun.

Fun & Fabulous Printable ActivitiesA SNEAK PEEK at The Learning with Puppets Collection of Fun & Fabulous Printable Activities to accompany the 20 Mini Videos, with printable activities for Mini Videos #1 & #2 ONLY. Full Version Will Be Yours In Installment #2! (Right Click Image and Save As)





The Learning with Puppets Official Video Viewing Guide helps you and your children squeeze the most learning fun from each video. (Right Click Image and Save As)

Video Viewing Guide









BONUS! Our CCSS Alignment Booklet for Installment #1 keying each puppet video along with its companion activities to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts!  (Right Click Image and Save As)










Extra Bonus! “Dear Mousie Mouse” Video Episodes #1 and #2 PLUS Companion Printables (click on book image below)

Dear Mousie Mouse Video Episode #1: “Playground Bully”
What advice will Beany and Mousie have for a child worried about how another behaves on the playground? It’s a tricky situation that demands immediate attention! 

“Dear Mousie Mouse” Video Episode #2: Play Date Problem
What’s the “right” thing to do when you’ve made plans with one frind and a better offer comes along? Beany and Mousie take turns offering advice. 


Printables to Accompany “Dear Mousie Mouse”
Video Episodes #1 & #2.
Video scripts and response pages
help children get the most out of viewing the videos while strengthening
problem solving skills and concepts. (Right Click Image and Save As.)