Meet Mary Beth

Welcome! I’m Mary Beth Spann Mank, founder and creator of Learning with Puppets.
I am so pleased you stopped by.

I hold an M.S. in Elementary Education and am a certified teacher with 14+ years of classroom experience. I am also a seasoned education writer, having authored over 40 teacher resource books and more than 75 leveled readers for young children.

In addition to teaching and writing, I have also had the pleasure of presenting countless workshops and seminars to parents and teachers on topics such as reading, writing and the power of puppetry as a teaching tool.

Why puppets?

I have always been fascinated with puppets and the role that puppetry and dramatic play have in the social, emotional and intellectual development of young children. Early in my teaching career, I began experimenting with using puppets in my classroom and then, later on, with my own two children at home.

The more I used puppets—and the more I gathered feedback from workshop participants who used puppets with their kids—the more convinced I became that puppets are a well-known, but underused resource that can make all the difference in any child’s life. I discovered that puppets have great power to enhance how children of all ages and abilities relate to themselves, to each other and to the skills and concepts they are trying to learn and master.

I am thrilled that my experiences as a teacher, a parent, an author and a puppeteer have lead me to create this fun e-resource. Now parents, teachers and kids everywhere can enjoy the fun that comes with Learning with Puppets.

I am eager to know how Learning with Puppets brightens and supports your teaching and learning time with the children you care about!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with stories, questions, concerns or comments. I look forward to hearing from you and to learning more about how I can serve your teaching and parenting needs.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!