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Mary Beth Spann Mank here and I want to share with you a powerful method I discovered for helping children love learning and actually look forward to schoolwork —and this realization happened VIRTUALLY OVERNIGHT!

I also want to tell you a bit about myself and how you can have fun putting this same method to work with your kids at home and in school.

But first, I’d like to ask you something . . .

Despite how much you love helping children learn, do you ever find yourself thinking…

With all the test prep and accountability I have to worry about, how can I make room for anything fun or creative?
• My kids seem bored. How can schoolwork compete with TV and flashy video games?
• If only my kids would listen and pay attention! When they’re super-distracted, I become frustrated.
• I’m so tired of trying to get my kids to complete their schoolwork. Isn’t there a better way?
• My kids and their needs are all so different. I want to plan some whole group activities to foster a family feel—but how?
• I begin each day with high hopes and end each day feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. How can I help things get better fast?

I know firsthand all the challenges you face as you work to instill a love of learning in your children.

I’m a certified teacher with more than 14 years of classroom experience; I’m also the mom of two.

Through the years, I’ve written many books and articles filled with creative ideas designed to help make learning compelling and meaningful for kids.

But, despite my own passion for kids and education, it wasn’t always easy for me to motivate my own students and children to love—or even to like—doing schoolwork and other tasks they had to complete.

Oh, sure . . . like you, I did my best to make things fun and interesting for my kids.

And whether it was in my classroom or at home, there were plenty of times I found myself being the “bad guy” as I pressed my kids to complete work and assignments they found bland or irrelevant. Then there were other times I watched kids try their best only to fail again and again.

Deep down, I knew there must be a better way.

And then, something happened that changed everything:

I’ve always loved puppets so it made sense that they’d find their way into my days with kids. I experimented and found that I had more fun teaching and my kids were more attentive and eager to learn when I included one or more puppets in our day.

What worked best for me was developing simple puppet personalities that mirrored my kids’ struggles, aligned with their frustrations, and embodied their problems and perspectives.

I think of using puppets as a “seriously playful” approach to helping kids learn. Why? Because while the puppets themselves are warm and whimsical, the power they have to get kids to listen, share, cooperate and complete schoolwork is impressive! With puppets in the mix, almost overnight my kids’ resistance to schoolwork plummeted to NEAR ZERO as our levels of learning fun soared through the roof!

I’m not kidding! Puppets changed everything for me and my kids—
and it can for you, too! 
All at once—

My poor listeners paid close attention
g My unfocused kids became focused, and
g My wiggle worms grew calm and centered!

And that’s not all!

a Kids with anger issues became puppet peacemakers!
Kids with test jitters offered test-taking tips to the puppets, and
g Kids who hated doing schoolwork suddenly loved helping our puppets do theirs!

It slowly dawned on me that, thanks to puppets, I would never have to nag kids to stay on task or finish work again. Gone were my days of begging for “good listeners.”

I realized that…

Puppets are an effective classroom management tool
with the fun built right in!

I was so excited by this discovery, that I eagerly began spreading the word!

I went on to write a bunch of magazine articles about using puppets with kids.

I wrote a book on puppetry titled Learn-the-Alphabet Puppet Pals.

I even met and interviewed the legendary puppeteer, Shari Lewis!

And then, because I wanted other parents and teachers to benefit from these same powerful puppetry techniques, I created and presented workshops and seminars for local and national audiences.

I also became a classroom consultant traveling from classroom to classroom so teachers and kids in my community and beyond could experience the power and potential of using puppets in education.

Now, thanks to today’s technology, I am able to make the magic of teaching with puppets instantly available to you and your children!


Learning with Puppets gives you instant access to a rich library of professionally prepared educational puppet videos and corresponding follow-up activities.

It’s all designed to help your children have fun as they explore and master essential language arts skills and concepts!

And, because each Learning with Puppets educational video runs for only a few short, sweet minutes, you can easily fit fun and creativity back into your busy schedule!

“I know you’re swamped with stuff to do, so I’ve done all the complex prep work for you. That way, you can sit back and enjoy each learning video right along with your kids!

Or, each time a video plays, you can use those few moments to take attendance, chat with a parent or colleague help other children, organize your day and so much more!”

As soon as you join, you’ll receive an e-mail granting you INSTANT ACCESS to the First Installment of Learning with Puppets!       


Feature Video #1: Beany’s Action Verb Game (Running Time: 4:54)

Meet Mousie Mouse and Beany Bichon as they play a fun action verb game with their friend, James.

Book of 21+ Student Activities to Accompany Feature Video #1:
Beany’s Action Verb Game
(32 pages)

This book features printable activities that invite children to…

Create and share action verb poems
- Write and illustrate a thematic collaborative book
- Identify story events in sequence
- Identify and highlight consonant blends /sk/ and /sl/
- Look for words beginning and ending with /ch/ digraph
- Read and write synonyms for action verbs
- Focus on short /i/ vowel
- Target the eep word family ending …and much, much more including…

Mini Video #1: The 100th Day (Running Time: 3:11) + 2 Printable Activity Pages 

Mousie Mouse is busy marching toward the 100th Day of School. Will Horsey Horse join in?

Mini Video #2: School Days (Running Time: 3:22) + 2 Printable Activity Pages

Beany Bichon is pleased to share her favorite times of the school day with her friend, Horsey Horse. When Beany invites Horsey to share as well, she’s surprised to discover that his ideas are quite different from her own.

The Learning with Puppets Quick Start Guide

This easy guide helps you put the materials to work fast so you can be up and running with Learning with Puppets in no time!

The Learning with Puppets Official Video Viewing Guide

This resource allows you to make the most of these first three videos even as you get a sneak peek at the rest of the video goodies to come!

The First 10 Installments alone includes a GRAND TOTAL of…

Learning with Puppets Videos in ALL!!!

All of the Learning with Puppet videos are ready for you to view again and again on your computer or your electronic white board!

Each video stars puppet friends in captivating storylines that invite your children ages 4 to 8 to explore skills and concepts essential to an effective and meaningful Language Arts curriculum.

And, because each video and each activity is keyed to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, you can order secure in the knowledge that you’re obtaining teacher-tested materials of the highest quality for your children!

The Learning with Puppets Videos and Print Resources are IDEAL for:

Beginning and Ending Your Day
Regrouping After Lunch
Homeschooling Sessions
g Working One-on-One with Kids
g Presenting Group Lessons
g Introducing & Exploring Themes
g Targeting Language Arts Skills & Concepts
g Rainy Day Fun
g Impromptu Viewing
g Placement in Learning Centers
g Tutoring Sessions
g Homebound Children

They also provide ready-to-go lessons for use by:

w Substitute Teachers
g Teaching Assistants
g Student Teachers

Learning with Puppets is one teaching tool you will use every day!

The materials are ideal for anytime you want to stir up some learning fun!

And, because kids never tire of watching the videos, you can use the materials again and again!

And when the Video Viewing’s done, the FUN’S just begun!

Remember that along with your Learning with Puppet Videos, you’ll get TONS of companion activity books and printable activity pages—500+ downladable pages in all— for creative and meaningful follow-ups.

And fresh content is continually being added to the Exclusive Members Only Area!

Here’s an EXACT rundown of the GOODIES that will be yours to enjoy in the First 10 Installments of your Learning with Puppets Membership: Including…

a Beany’s Action Verb Game
g Mousie’s Memory Story
g A Room with Two Views
g The “Write” Way to Feel Better
g Rap It Up!
g Goofy Grammar Tales
g Crisscross Words
g Don’t Mind Me!
g Three’s the Charm!
g A Recipe for Me


The 100th Day Rainbow Riches
School Days Signs of Spring
Found Poems Rainy Day Fun
Good News / Bad News Windy Weather
Heartfelt Gift Pumpkin Time
Baby Ways Dino Pet
Book of Books Rule of the Land
My Celebration Candle Time for Bed
A Snowman Rap Fast and Slow
Let it Snow! Summer Sizzle

This easy-to-read and understand guide:

Gives you step-by-step directions for getting started.
- Presents the very best ways to integrate the videos, activities and printables into your day with kids.
- Provides an exciting peek into all the amazing puppet resources you’ll be receiving in the weeks to come!

This HUGE resource includes:

Video Storyline Summaries
- Captivating Questions for Before & After Viewing
- Creative Extension Activities exploring a range of skills and concepts related to writing, rhyming, visual literacy, punctuation, parts of speech, perspective and more!

This valuable 55-page resource includes TWO printable Alphabet Activity Pages for each letter of the alphabet as keyed to the 10 Feature Videos. Use the pages to create class books or individual alphabet books to keep and treasure.

Each of these 10 titles provides at least 21 printable activities to help kids explore and practice skills and concepts related to: word play; listening; vocabulary development; reading comprehension; rhyming; creative writing; letter formation and more!
Titles include:

#1 Beany’s Action Verb Game
#2 Mousie’s Memory Story
Printable Activity Pages
#3 A Room with Two Views
#4 The “Write” Way to Feel Better
#6 Goofy Grammar Tales
#7 Crisscross Words
#8 Don’t Mind Me
#9 Three’s the Charm!
#10 A Recipe for Me

This resource includes printable pages for use with each of the 20 Mini Videos! Use to boost reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, rhyming skills, creative writing skills and much more! Included directions for turning printable pages into charming collaborative books for your young authors and illustrators to create, keep and share.

This resource features 10 ready-to-read-and-illustrate Readers’ Theater Readers to accompany all of the feature videos.
Perfect for family learning and small or whole group work.


This resource includes all of the original 30 Scripts used to create our first 30
Learning with Puppets Videos, plus suggestions for making the most of these scripts. Now students can read along as the video plays or use the scripts to put on their own student-led puppet productions!

Together, our amazing Learning with Puppets Library of Downloadable Print Resources and Videos provide children with a fun, meaningful framework for exploring essential English Language Arts skills and concepts, such as:

w Listening Skills w Creative Writing
g Rhyming Skills g Respect & Tolerance
g Alphabet Awareness g Poetry
g Sound/Symbol Relationships g Grammar & Word Play
g Letter Formation g Sentence Construction
g Consonants g Sensory Awareness
g Long & Short Vowels g Sequencing
g Blends, Digraphs & Dipthongs g Grammar & Word Play
g Synonyms g Sentence Construction
g Homophones g Vocabulary
g Decoding g Spelling
w Reading Fluency g Thinking
g Predicting g Questioning
g Reading Comprehension g Punctuation

With Learning with Puppets, children will also explore THEMES such as:

w Friends & Friendship
g Seasons & Celebrations
g Weather Elements
g Together & Alone Times
g Problem Solving
g Conflict Resolution
g Respect & Tolerance
g The Power of Imagination
g The Power of Appreciation
g Self-Esteem
g Time and Relativity
g Personal Perspectives
g The 100th Day of School

The First 10 Installments of Learning with Puppets add up to

PLUS you’ll gain access into our Exclusive “Member’s Only Area!”

Each month for 10 months, a link to your next exciting Learning with Puppets Installment will automatically be delivered directly to your email inbox.

Following delivery of all 10 of your Installments, you’ll gain Exclusive Access into the Learning with Puppets Members Only Area! There you’ll find all 10 of your Installments conveniently housed in one place PLUS an exclusive treasure trove of BRAND NEW videos and printables available only to Active Members!

And we saved the BEST for LAST because…

Right Now You Can Try Learning with Puppets
100% Risk-Free For 30 Days!

That’s right! At this time, you can begin receiving and using

Installment One of Learning with Puppets
—the first three videos and all the companion resources and printable activity pages designed to enhance and reinforce the learning presented in the videos, the Bonus Gifts and much, much more—
100% RISK FREE for 30 Days

I know it’s an unbelievably generous offer, but I also know that learning takes time.

I want you to be able to spend quality time using my resources with your kids.

If, after 30 Days, you’ve use the materials and you honestly and sincerely do not agree that they delivered what they promised—if you and your children are not totally captivated by the puppet videos and you do not believe that the materials included in the resources you received enhanced your children’s language arts skills and concepts and playful positive and creative ways and if  you don’t want to continue receiving high-quality puppet video-based materials—just email me, Mary Beth Spann Mank, at support@learningwithpuppets.com and I will refund every penny you paid no questions asked!

It’s my “Cross-My-Heart” Guarantee!
You cannot go wrong!
Just click the ORDER button BELOW
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Learning With Puppets Membership

Remember, as soon as you order, you’ll receive an e-mail granting you INSTANT ACCESS to the Installment One of Learning with Puppets including:

Feature Video #1: Beany’s Action Verb Game (Running Time: 4:54)
- Mini Video #1: The 100th Day of School (Running Time: 3:11)

Mini Video #2: School Days (Running Time: 3:22)

PLUS These Printable Resources:

- The Learning with Puppets Quick Start Guide
- The Learning with Puppets Video Viewing Guide
- Printable Activity Pages for Beany’s Action Verb Game
- Sneak Peek at a Collection of Fun & Fabulous Printable Language Arts Activities to Accompany 20 Mini Puppet Videos

And to sweeten the pot, I’m also including TWO TERRIFIC BONUSES:

Bonus #1: A Complete Checklist of Video-Based Themes, Skills & Concepts Keyed to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. One such checklist comes with each Installment of Learning with Puppets.

Bonus #2: Two FREE! Video Episodes and Companion Printables from my
“Dear Mousie Mouse” Collection!

In this series of videos, Mousie Mouse and Beany Bichon host an interactive kid- friendly show where they attempt to solve real-word problems your kids can relate to!

I know your kids will be completely enchanted with all these resources, and that they will help BOOST Language Arts Skills involving Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Thinking Skills across the curriculum!

BUT, remember, if at any time from the day you joined Learning with Puppets for a FULL 30 DAYS after you became a Member, you decide Learning with Puppets is not for you and you want to STOP receiving my puppet-inspired resources, just alert me at support@learningwithpuppets.com and I will stop delivery and refund your payments to date, no questions asked.

You have my “Cross My Heart” promise on that.

HOWEVER, if you are THRILLED with what you and your kids discover and if you agree that Learning with Puppets videos and resources are exactly what you need to help your kids succeed…do nothing. Then you, along with all the other Learning with Puppets Members, will receive regular e-mails containing exclusive links to new batches of valuable puppet-inspired videos and printables as they become available.
Each month you will only be billed $19.97. You won’t want to miss even one month’s worth of resources! 🙂

Our relaxed delivery schedule allows you time to share each video and the companion resources with your kids before receiving additional materials.

And here’s MORE GOOD NEWS:

Once you become part of the Learning with Puppets family, we want you and your kids to continue benefit for years to come.

After you have received your initial 10 Learning with Puppets Installments consisting of:

30 Puppet Videos
- 15 Different Resource Books, with over 553 pages of ideas and activities including 350+ interactive downloadable printable activity pages designed to correspond to the 30 puppet videos!
- Our Quick Start Guide, to help you get started easily
- Our BONUS Common Core Standards Checklist
- Two sample “Dear Mousie Mouse” Videos and Printables
Plus…Unannounced Bonuses and Surprises

There will be even more excting and fresh puppet-inspired resources coming your way as part of your membership and all of these resources are yours to USE & SHARE again and again, forever and ever!

You can’t lose!
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Also, even after the initial 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Period, I can discontinue my membership at any time by emailing support@learningwithpuppets.com no questions asked and no additional payments will be due.



<Learning With Puppets Membership

Remember, because the Learning with Puppets Membership
plan only bills you one a month, your low payments are spread out!


And, as I add more exciting resources to these first 10 Installments, I will notify you promptly, giving you the choice of sticking with me or saying goodbye!
No obligation on your part at all!

Do the Math! For 66¢ a day—far less money than you spend for a cup of coffee—you get an entire library of unique, fun and effective teaching tools you’ll use each and every day in the months and years to come with your kids in school and at home.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a homeschooling parent or grandparent or just someone who cares about the education of children ages 4-8, I know you’ll be delighted!

Our Puppet Friends are standing by!

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Learning With Puppets Membership

You can feel confident sharing these high-quality videos and education-rich activities in school with your students as well as at home with your own kids and grandkids.
(I only wish I could be there as you watch the smiles spread across their little faces!)

Still wondering, “Is it really worth it?”

Consider this…

Learning with Puppets represents a lifetime of teaching, parenting and publishing experience.

It took over five years, plus a team of more than two dozen individuals— educators, musicians, designers, actors, artists, tech-savvy brainiacs, and even kids—to help me transform my dream of sharing the magic of puppetry in education into a digital and print teaching tool you’ll reach for again and again.

Sooooo, think about it…

• How much extra time, money, energy and effort would you need to write over 30 scripts, stage over 30 puppet videos, hire actors and puppeteers and videographers to help bring the scripts to life?

• How much commitment and focus would you need to create for yourself over 500 pages of high-quality, puppet-inspired educational resource material designed to captivate and motivate your children to learn?

• Could you do all that by yourself for just 66¢ a day? Would you even want to? Of course not! You’d be loopy to even try—especially since we’ve already done all the work for you! (And besides, you already have enough to do!)


Click The Button for Instant Access!

Learning With Puppets Membership

And REMEMBER, if you stick with me, you’ll receive all these goodies–plus many more–in the weeks and months to come:

The Learning with Puppets Quick Start Guide to help you make the most of the resources you’ll receive
- 30 Professionally Written and Produced Educational Puppet Videos for children ages 4-8
- The Learning with Puppets Official Video Viewing Guide
- 10 Separate Activity Books to accompany the 10 Feature Videos!

This full collection contains a boatload of irresistible ideas,
including a grand total of over 500+ printable pages!

- A Fun & Fabulous Activity Book with 40+ printable pages keyed to each of the 20 Mini Videos
- A 55-page Book of Amazing Alphabet Activities
- A Collection of 20 Learning with Puppets Printable Readers’ Theater Read-along Books
- The Learning with Puppets Book of 30 Original Video Scripts
- BONUS #1: A Complete Checklist of Video-Based Themes, Skills & Concepts Keyed to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

BONUS #2: Two Dear Mousie Mouse Videos, plus Companion Printables!


Learning With Puppets Membership

Once you hop aboard Learning with Puppets, you get all this, plus many more puppet-inspired bonus gifts and surprises guaranteed to delight and brighten your efforts to education children! We will even show you an easy way you can own the puppet stars of Learning with Puppets so you can invite them to be part of your home or classroom.

(But I’m getting ahead of myself!)

With Learning with Puppets, you’ll be part of a growing community of parents and teachers who care enough about kids to value the importance of warmth, play and creativity in their education.

The beauty part is that with Learning with Puppets, the fun’s built in and the work’s been done for you! Even if you never pick up a puppet, your kids can benefit from the power of puppetry in education!

And you can order without risk! So, of course, joining the rest of us at Learning with Puppets is a no-brainer!

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Learning With Puppets Membership

PLUS The Bonus “DEAR MOUSIE MOUSE” VIDEOS AND PRINTABLES as well as the Common Core Checklist for the materials included in Installment One
(even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday).

Congratulations on making a positive investment in your children’s education— one that will benefit you and them for years to come.

I’m thrilled that you’ll be joining us on this wonderful educational adventure!
Thank you!



Mary Beth Spann Mank,
Founder & Creator Learning with Puppets

PS If you have any questions or concerns—or if you just want to share a success story! — e-mail me at support@learningwithpuppets.com. I’m here for you!

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. I know Learning with Puppets works to help kids learn, but please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her teaching and parenting background, situation, student population, dedication, desire and motivation.

ALL Learning with Puppets resources are for individual use only in one home or classroom and may not be duplicated, shared or sold. When you purchase Learning with Puppets products, the copyright to the materials remains with Learning with Puppets. Thank you.

The puppets used in Learning with Puppets appear with permission from Folkmanis® (www.folkmanis.com) and
Melissa & Doug® (www.MelissaAndDoug.com). Thank you!