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Welcome to my Learning with Puppets Catalog of Resources!  

Discover exciting “just right” puppet solutions for you & the children you care for!


Teaching with Puppets: The Complete Official Handbook


Do you want more creative fun in your teaching day? Do you enjoy playful approaches to learning? Do you want to instantly captivate children and inspire them to become lifelong learners? Do you want to do this easily without having to fit one more thing into your already overcrowded schedule? If so, then this is the book for you!

This comprehensive gem is filled with everything—and I do mean everything—you’ll need to know to begin today using puppets with your children. It reveals a non-theatrical (no scripts, no puppet theater, no ventriloquism) approach that anyone can do!

Inside you’ll find every single powerful puppetry tip, strategy and approach I developed over the years when working with children in the classroom and at home. I tell you what works, and what doesn’t work. I hold nothing back.

Whether you are a complete beginner to using puppets as teaching tools, or if you’ve already discovered puppets’ power to grab and hold kids’ attention, this ebook will educate, excite and inspire!

PS You’ll soon be wondering how you ever taught without puppets along to help!

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“Done-for-You” Ready-to-Use Collection of Puppet Videos & Printables  

Mousie and Me dvd-800.spotlightdvd-full copy

 mousie-full copyspotlightbook-full

Do you love the idea of using puppets as teaching tools with kids? Are you too busy to fuss with creating puppet personalities of your own? This “Done-for-You” Collection of Ready-To Use Puppet Videos & Printables is just what you’re looking for!

It’s the ideal way to begin bringing puppet personalities to your children—and the best part is you get all the benefits of using puppets with kids without ever having to pick up a puppet! And, even if you’re already happily using puppets with your children, you can include these resources with the puppet play you already have in place!

Sampler comes complete with three puppet videos plus interactive activities keyed to each video and designed to foster essential reading, writing and listening skills.

All in all, a delightful and collection to get you started with puppets easily and effortlessly!

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“Dear Mousie Mouse” Video & Print Resource Bundle


mb-ecoverMousieMouse-DVD COVER

You’ll flip for this collection of “Dear Mousie Mouse” puppet videos and companion printables. The videos use a funny and entertaining “Q&A talk show format” to help children explore typical childhood challenges such as teasing and bullying behavior, sibling squabbles and homework hassles.

This unique resource invites children to listen, read, discuss, question, problem-solve, respond in writing and more!

The ability to problem-solve and formulate questions and responses are among the most important skills children can develop—skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. This “Dear Mousie Mouse” video and print bundle is one of the best ways to offer children practice in acquiring and exercising these essential skills. You won’t be disappointed!

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Learning with Puppets Membership

If you value creativity in teaching and learning, and if you love, love, love the idea of using puppets as teaching tools with kids ages 4-8, you are ready to become a member of the Learning with Puppets community!

The membership includes 30+ enchanting puppet videos plus 500+ companion printables, all designed to help your children ages 4-8 have fun exploring essential Language Arts skills and concepts. Engaging puppet personalities easily help your young learners become better readers, writers, listeners, speakers and thinkers.

Learning with Puppets is perfect for teachers, homeschooling parents, unschooling parents, substitute teachers, teacher assistants, tutors, caregivers and more!

If you care about the education of young children, and if you are looking for a fun, fresh and meaningful Language Arts resource, then Learning with Puppets is for you!

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