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Learning with Puppets

“When Puppets Come to School,

Learning Comes to Life!”


I know you’re someone who works hard and takes your job seriously—someone who really cares for the kids you teach.

Good News! Your job is about to get WAAAY easier even as your teaching efforts become WAAAY more effective!

Whether you’re here because you’re eager to discover ways to pick up and animate a puppet yourself or because you’d rather try my instant and irresistible puppet resources with your kids, I’ve got you covered!

To learn more, hit the button below to schedule a 15 minute Zoom call with me. We can chat about the right solution for you and your kids —


Talk soon!

PS Click below for the FREE RESOURCES I created just for you, including a fun PUPPET VIDEO your kids will love!


Hello! I’m Mary Beth,

I’m a longtime teacher, wife, mom, published author, speaker and…


I’ve taught young children in every setting imaginable:
• In public, private and parochial brick & mortar classrooms
• At home and
• Online.

I’ve also written 45+ teacher resource books, 75+ children’s readers and endless numbers of articles, catalogs and guides for major educational publishing companies including:

  • Scholastic, Inc.
  • Discovery Toys
  • Houghton-Mifflin
  • Time for Kids and…
  • Children’s Television Wordshop.

I’ve always loved puppets, so it made sense I would want to use them with my young students as well as my own two kids.

My first puppeteering attempts were cringeworthy at best. (UGH!) But I kept at it, and eventually, uncovered amazing methods and developed sure-fire resources that work each and every time to capture and hold kids’ attention like crazy—especially those kids who bring a boatload of resistance and a heap of learning challenges to the classroom setting.

Soon I began writing, speaking and teaching about the magic of using puppets with kids and…BOOM! Learning with Puppets was born!

Now it’s your turn to discover how puppets can greatly enhance your efforts with your kids—whether or not you ever want to pick up a puppet yourself! (Smile) I can’t wait to have you and your kids join us in Learning with Puppets! 

Mary Beth Spann Mank is equal parts skillful teacher and creative dynamo. Finally, an educational website teachers, parents, and children can all feel GREAT about! Learning with Puppets builds essential academic and social skills—and keeps kids focused and entertained during the process. Kids and parents alike are very lucky to have an experienced educator like Mary Beth Spann Mank teaching essential skills via this compelling cast of funny puppet friends.

Liza Charlesworth

Executive Editor, Scholastic, Inc.

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