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Mary Beth’s thoughtfulness and expertise really shines through when she consults with a client. She helped me learn to “think like a puppet” and bring a sweet tiger hand puppet to life for my son with autism. We learned that “Tiger Tiger” had come from the jungles of India and was so homesick that he could only speak in whispers. “Tiger Tiger” would only whisper into my ear, but soon my son (who is nonverbal and has never shown any interest in a stuffed animal) indicated that he would let “Tiger Tiger” whisper into his ear. He developed an empathy and deep love for “Tiger Tiger” and Mary Beth guided and coached me to use our new puppet friend to tap into a new level of communication and play with my son!

Shawn, (K’s mom!)
Nashville, TN

Puppets are a fabulous tool for working with children. I have successfully used puppets with my special needs/language impaired students. Puppets provide an avenue to creativity and facilitate communication in a stress free environment. Kudos to Mary Beth!

Donna Slanina-Ruiz,
Speech-Language Pathologist, 
Nassau County, NY

The lively Learning with Puppets videos are sure to captivate young minds making it much easier to help them master Language Arts skills and concepts! I can’t wait to use them with my kids

Carolyn Savuto-Borrerro,
Board of Cooperative Education Services,
Suffolk County, NY

Whoa! Horsey Horse here! Whether I’m starring in a Learning with Puppets video ‘longside my puppet friends or meetin’ with kids in person, we always have fun connectin’ and learnin’ together. So, what are you waitin’ for? Gallop on over to our world PRONTO! Giddy-up!

Horsey Horse,
Learning with Puppets &
Folkmanis ® Puppets

Mary Beth Spann Mank is equal parts skillful teacher and creative dynamo. Finally, an educational website teachers, parents, and children can all feel GREAT about! Learning with Puppets builds essential academic and social skills and keeps kids focused and entertained during the process. Kids and parents alike are very lucky to have an experienced educator like Mary Beth Spann Mank teaching essential skills via this compelling cast of funny puppet friends.

Liza Charlesworth, Executive Editor,
Scholastic, Inc., NY

Learning with Puppets is an innovative way for young children to experience the joy of puppetry while exploring important language arts skills and concepts. It’s a wonderfully executed and comprehensive resource and it’s all keyed to the Common Core State Standards for Literacy. I highly recommend it to teachers and parents.

Jennifer Bova, Director
OWL Teacher Center, 
Suffolk County, NY

Learning with Puppets offers puppet resources that work! If you’re someone who works with young children if you’re a teacher, a parent, a speech therapist, a tutor or a counselor—this cast of puppets will captivate and educate.

P.S. The fluffy white Bichon Frise dog Puppet is especially bright and adorable.

Beany Bichon,  AKA,
The fluffy white Bichon Frise dog Puppet,
Learning with Puppets &
Folkmanis® Puppets

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