My Mission

My mission is simple.

I want teachers like you to experience firsthand how using puppets as powerful teaching tools can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE for you and the kids you teach.

It matters NOT…

√ If you teach in a classroom, at home or online
√ How long you’ve been teaching
√ What teaching resources do you use

√ What strengths or challenges do children bring to the table

√ How many of your children have deep social-emotional needs, or
√ How overwhelmed and underappreciated you may feel in this moment…


When used strategically, puppets can help children eagerly engage in any lesson, activity, or process that helps them learn and grow.

And when kids are happily onboard, your job becomes a JOY!

About Me

Hi! I’m Mary Beth!

I’m the founder and creator of Learning with Puppets. I’ve also been a teacher for decades. I’ve taught kids in every situation imaginable: in brick & mortar classrooms, at home and online.  In addition, I’m an educational author with more than 45 teacher resource books and more than 75 children’s readers published by leading educational publishing houses like Scholastic, Inc., Learning Resources and Time for Kids! Of course, as a teacher, I want to be as effective as possible for the children in my care.

But I care deeply about the teaching experience, too!

When I work with kids, I want my time with them to be fun, meaningful, and memorable!

That’s why, when I discovered how puppets could lighten and brighten our teaching days years ago, I knew I was on to something BIG!

After all, when teachers like you FEEL GOOD about what you do, you show up each day motivated and energized to do the work you love.

And that’s the feel-good feeling I want for you!

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