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What is Learning with Puppets?

Learning with Puppets is an online puppet resource center for creative and caring people like you who work with children ages 4-8. My resources are equally effective, whether you work in a brick and mortar school, at home or online.

My resources consists of two separate offerings that can be used alone or together:
1.) A Library of Done-for-You Learning with Puppets Resources consisting of a collection of puppet videos with follow-up printable and digital activities designed to delight your children as together you explore essential English Language Arts skills and concepts while also developing social-emotional awareness.  

2.) A Do-It-Yourself Teaching with Puppets Master Class promising an easy step-by-step approach so you can feel happy, comfortable and confident picking up a puppet and turning it into a puppet personality you can use to enhance any curriculum, solve any problem or address any challenge. 
(Psst! No ventriloquism or puppet building required!) 

Both approaches work like super glue to attract and hold kids’ attention. And both approaches lessen the stress while increasing the joy of helping kids learn

Can people besides teachers use these resources?

YES! YES! YES! My resources are perfect for anyone who cares for kids ages 4-8 including:



Speech and Language Specialists
Health Care Professionals, and more!

Why should I include puppets in my work with kids?

The key to any learning success is grabbing the student’s attention. And few things hook kids’ attention as completely as do puppets.

Puppets bring play-based learning, imaginative explorations and creativity to life in fun, meaningful, memorable ways.

Besides that, puppets lighten your load and brighten your day. No more begging for good listeners or chasing kids to finish assignments. With puppets in the mix, kids automatically lean in, listen up and participate in their own learning as never before! And that make your job a breeze!

Why are children drawn to puppets?

Children of all ages love puppets, whether they appear on someone’s hand or on a screen. Like favorite toys, puppets are fun and funny and irresistible. They appeal to the senses as they represent a variety of colors, shapes, textures, sounds and movements. And puppet personalities are by nature playful, unpredictable, silly, loveable and wise. Who can resist?

How do you know puppets will work for me and my kids?

If you are someone who cares for and about children and if you value play, imagination, creativity and positivity, then puppets are for you and they will work for you and your children.

Puppets hold universal appeal for kids. Puppets encourage communication and connection through pretend play. And play is the way children make sense of the world.

Each time you pick up a puppet, or watch a puppet video with your kids, you are participating in an ancient art that speaks to humans at the deepest levels.

Will Learning with Puppets help me put on a puppet show?

Learning with Puppets focuses on informal puppet communication, not on conducting theatrical puppetry performances of any kind.

I’m already on overload. How can I make time for puppets? 

It’s easy to incorporate puppet play into an already busy day with kids! 

Each video in my library of Done-For-You Learning With Puppets Resources takes moments to present. My enchanting videos average between 3-5 minutes in length and, when accompanied by different follow-ups, can be shown again and again and used for differentiated instruction.

Or, if you prefer, you can enroll in my Do-It-Yourself Teaching with Puppets Master Class where you’ll discover the fun of developing a puppet personality that you can use to enhance whatever lesson or activity you are sharing with your children so they will be eager for more.

And remember, when kids are engaged, you save gobs of time and energy trying to get them to pay attention!

How can silly puppets help promote serious learning?

My library of Done-For-You Learning With Puppets Resources, consisting of puppet videos and companion follow-ups designed to help kids explore and master essential English Language Arts skills and concepts along with developing social-emotional awareness. 

My “Do-It-Yourself” Teaching with Puppets Master Class.

helps you discover the fun of developing a puppet personality that will enhance whatever lesson or activity you are sharing with your children—even the serious or difficult-to-get-through stuff.  

It’s ALL aligned with the (very serious) Common Core State Standards

What else can puppets help kids learn?

Puppets can help kids learn almost anything!

Aside from core English Language Arts skills and concepts, my library of Done-For-You Learning With Puppets Resources also focuses on helping kids develop key social-emotional skills such as the ability to:
• Display self-control

• Express feelings with words
• Listen and pay attention

• Experience pride in accomplishment

• Develop a positive self-image

• Ask for help when needed

• Show affection to familiar people.

• Become aware of other people’s feelings.

If you decide to animate a puppet yourself, my Do-It-Yourself Teaching with Puppets Master Class will show how you can customize your puppet personality so you can put it to best use with your own lessons and activities, no matter your curriculum or learning goals.

No matter what you say, I would feel WAAAY too weird making a puppet talk. Isn’t there another way to bring puppets to my kids?

Yes! My library of Done-For-You Learning With Puppets Resources consists of ready-to-go videos and follow-up resources that allow you to bring the magic of puppetry to your children without needing to pick up a puppet yourself.

I’ve seen kids behave badly with puppets. Aren’t puppets just gigantic distractions?

As with any other approach to teaching and learning, it’s important to set parameters and expectations for appropriate behavior when using puppets with kids.

My library of Done-For-You Learning With Puppets Resources comes with suggested guidelines so you and your kids can get the full teaching and learning benefit from each one.

And, inside my Do-It-Yourself Teaching with Puppets Master Class, you’ll learn how to set the stage for positive interactions from the get-go.

What if only SOME of my kids enjoy the puppets?

I share tested ways to enthusiastically engage all of your learners–even and especially those children with learning challenges as well as those most resistant to learning.

Can puppets help with serious stuff, like preparing my kids for tests and evaluations?

YES! Inside my “Teaching with Puppets” book and my Do-It-Yourself Teaching with Puppets Master Class, you’ll discover easy and fun ways to alleviate much, if not all the stress that test-taking stirs up for you and them.

How can I justify using puppets to parents and administrators?

Sometimes others need to be educated about the benefits of using puppets with kids. Instead of waiting for any raised eyebrows or unwarranted criticism, make a point to share the good news of how puppets are benefitting your kids. Jot any puppet-related progress into a notebook and share at every opportunity.

In addition, I supply print and share resources to share with others who may question the role of puppets in education

I’m eager to learn more. Now what?

STEP #1: Schedule a FREE CALL with me so I can help you decide if you are more of a


type of puppet person or a “Done-for-YOU” type of puppet person. Or maybe, you’re a little bit of both. 

Don’t be shy! I love helping people like you begin to incorporate puppets into your time with kids. 


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