“Our kids are failing because we teachers and parents are failing our kids.”
“Our kids are missing out because they have to take classes remotely.”
“Our kids will never catch up!”

Or so we are told. Over and over, nearly each and every day. 

Because of all these ideas swirling about:

• It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing the bad news about the state of education.

• It’s easy to feel anxious as others highlight the faults of any and every approach: traditional schools, charter schools, homeschooling settings, online setting, hybrid arrangements and even unschooling situations.

• It’s easy to worry when we hear reports that our kids are being outdistanced by others on the planet.

But criticisms and worries do nothing to make things better. And the act of comparing often results in nothing more than a whole lot of useless finger pointing.

If you’re like me, you especially cherish the importance of play, choice and creativity at all levels of the educational process. And you’re probably as unhappy as the next guy about the amount of negative talk around education today.

It can be upsetting to think that our test-crazed, achievement-oriented culture may be robbing time and space from even our youngest learners.

I almost cried when I heard a kindergarten teacher lament, “I’m telling you, Mary Beth, they might as well just take the toys out of my kindergarten class; we don’t have time for play anyway!

But, while it’s easy to focus on all this negative stuff, one of the biggest problems in education is not education itself, but our obsession with what’s supposedly not working.

This fear factor grabs our attention at every turn.  It moves our focus away from what really matters: our kids and everything we’re doing right with them.

I decided I’m done with listening to what’s wrong with our traditional and

non-traditional school arrangements, as well as all the teachers, parents and kids involved.

I hereby deem Learning with Puppets to be a place of “educational positivity”—a place where together we’ll focus on and share fabulous teaching, parenting and learning ideas—including ways to use puppets and more—and where we’ll find creative ways to support one another while offering the kids we love a fun and playful path to meaningful learning. 

Together we’ll celebrate all things right with education today.

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Who’s with me on this?